Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thoughts on Protestantism, Catholicism, Islam, and being a bookworm

Wow, I know it's been awhile since I wrote on this blog.  First of all, my DH's two brothers and his brother's wife is staying with us, as well as this 20 year old guy who needed a place to go.  I get along pretty good with DH's brothers, but sometimes it is crazy here.  I anticipated a lot of arguing on religion.  I am Agnostic with a bit of Roman Catholicism thrown in there.  BIL#1 (brother-in-law #1) is Pentecostal, which I've always thought was a really strange denomination.  To be honest I've made fun of Pentecostals pretty much my whole life.  I've found them to be crazy, ultra-conservative, Bible thumpers, not too bright, and well, kinda stupid for believing in the whole talking in tongues thing.  I want to make clear that these are my impressions of Pentecostals, but I'm not saying that I'm right or wrong in what I perceive.  DH, believe it or not, used to be a Pentecostal minister.  That is so crazy for me, well, because of my impressions of the religion, especially when I come from a Roman Catholic background.

Anyway BIL#1 told me when he was first coming home with us that he would try to convert me.  I made it clear that if he tried the whole "convert me" thing it would lead to a big fight.  So far he hasn't tried to yet.  Don't get me wrong, BIL#1 is a good guy.  I just don't agree with his religious beliefs at all.

I know quite a bit about Catholicism.  For quite awhile I was a really good Catholic.  I read about Catholic theology a lot.  I don't know as much about Protestantism.  Still, I do know a lot about Christianity.  I read a lot of Muslim blogs, most all written by women.  I'm also still reading The Qur'an, as well.  I was quite surprised to read a blog recently by a Muslim woman who tries to "prove" that Jesus is not the Son of God with Bible verses.  It made me laugh.  Christianity's basic premise is that Jesus is the Son of God.  Someone unfamiliar with the Bible and Christianity who thinks they can use it to prove the whole religion is wrong is just laughable.

I haven't been working on my own spiritual journey lately.  It seems that things are going so crazy that I'm having a hard time finding the time to work on it.  I really need to.  I feel a strong desire to find where I belong religiously.  I think part of the reason, actually a large part of the reason, is being always sick.  I need a spiritual aspect to my life that I feel strongly about and that fits me.  I crave spirituality and my soul is looking for the right path.  I seem to be getting close to that in the Wiccan books I've read.  Again, Wiccans and witches are not devil worshipers, in fact they don't even believe in Hell and the Devil.  Hell and the Devil are both Christian concepts.  I feel I must remind my readers of this because they may be new to my blog and not know anything about real witches.  I want to read another book soon on either feminism or Wicca.  I usually read a few books at a time: a fiction book, a non-fiction book, a medical book, and sometimes an anthology. I'm always reading at the very least four books.  Right now I'm reading: Lucy Gets Her Life Back by Stef Ann Holm, The Qur'an, and Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil by Deborah Rodriguez.  I finished a book on fibromyalgia today.  I think next I'm going to read a lesbian romance, a book on feminism or Wicca, a book on PCOS or thyroidism, and perhaps a lesbian vampire stories anthology.  I usually start figuring out what I want to read next shortly after staring a book.  Have I mentioned I love to read?  So, I guess I'll end this blog up.  Thanks for reading ya'll. :-)
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