Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Islam - Things I Respect

I think the two things I respect most about Islam are the steadfast faith of Muslims and the muslimah's who wear hijab, which from my understanding is both the modest dress of a Muslim woman and the head covering she wears.  I have been reading a lot about hijab and am a regular reader of many Muslim blogs.  I feel that I was too harsh about Islam in the blog before last so in this entry I want to write about what I respect about Islam.  While I must admit I do not understand why men and women are to be separated I really like the idea of a head covering and modest dress.  According to Wikipedia hijabi's cover for modesty, morality, and privacy.  Wearing hijab also identifies one as a Muslim and protects a woman from unwanted attention.  Being identified as a Muslim means that a hijabi must act morally at all times, for she is the face of Islam.  I always thought, as so many Westerners do, that women who covered their head were forced to against their will.  It never occurred to me that many women choose to cover for Allah's sake.  That returns back to my first point, I am amazed at the steadfast faith of so many Muslims.

I want to list some of my favorite Muslim blogs:

Alabaster Muslim

American Woman's Journey into Polygyny

White Girl...Arab World

Muslim Wife Secrets

Muslim Revert and Proud

Diary of a Muslim Feminist

This is an awesome video.


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