Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rest in Peace my Grandpa

On March 1st my DH and I will be performing my first pagan ceremony (ritual?).  March 1st was my Grandpa's birthday.  His name was Virgil Hugh Gipson and I want to keep his memory alive.  I swore to him that my first borne son will carry at least part of his name, probably his middle name, Hugh.  From time to time I will blog about the stories my Grandpa once told me.  Up until the time I met Jim, Grandpa was the only person who believed in me.  He was a devout Catholic and a leader in the community in Piedmont, MO.  I love my Grandpa so much.  I miss him dearly.  DH and I talked about the ritual that we are going to do.   I never told my Grandpa good-bye and I still have dreams that I'm running to him and just as I'm getting to him he dies.  I think now I'll finally be able to say good-bye.  Well, look at me, now.  I start talking (aka blogging) about Grandpa and the tears star rolling.  Now is it called ritual or ceremony, I don't know?  I crossed ceremony out earlier but I'm not sure whether ceremony or ritual is the appropriate word.

Because he was a devout Catholic (and I used to be) I want to light a candle for him at the Catholic Church.  Then I want to make his favorite dessert coconut pie.  The man loved his coconuts!

Rest In Peace 
Virgil Hugh Gipson
March 1, 1936 - May 16th, 2008


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