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Mary without Jesus?

There are a few things that piss me off.  For instance, when people try to give me medical advice when they don't even know what Ehlers-Danlos is or people who lie.  Among those things that piss me off are when people talk negatively about Mary.  DH asked me last night why I feel so strongly about Mary when I don't believe in Jesus.  The answer is...I don't know.  I don't know why I do, but I do.  Perhaps Mary is a triple goddess.  The more I contemplate it, the more I think she is.  I just woke up and am having a hard time putting what I want to say into words.  Here is a description of what I'm trying to say.  Here is another source of what I'm trying to say.  Because my readers are probably unlikely to click on the links and read the information, I'm going to quote some of it.  From the first site:  

Can you see that The Blessed Mary is the Triple Goddesss?

The Divine Feminine is present in Christianity in the form of the Blessed Mary. Whether Christians accept it or not, The Blessed Mary is Maiden, Mother and Crone (crone meaning "the wise one"); The Blessed Mary is Queen of Heaven. The Blessed Mary is the male God's consort and gave birth to Their Divine Son. How could She have given birth to a Divine Son, if, She, Herself, were not Divine? Christians may not accept nor believe this.

As an ex-Catholic and a Wiccan (witch) of 25 years, I accept the Divinity of Christ and Mary as Goddess. Remember, some things are TRUE whether you believe it or not. The truth is, Mary is the Triple Goddess. The fact is that Christianity is a religious institution created by the men. Don't blame Christ for what His followers have done nor how His followers chose to interpret the Truth.

From the second site:  

Maiden, Mother and Crone
The oldest known trinity, although exclusively female, is also based on real-life cycles: youth, the maiden; fullness of life, the mother; elder years, the crone. This triple-goddess has appeared in the history of virtually every known culture around the globe.

While Mary is venerated as Virgin and as Mother , she is not often held up as a model Crone. This is reflective of the fear and hatred of Old Women that has imbued cultural consciousness (East and West) for the last 2000 years. Old Women are Wise Women, Powerful Women. Today, women are refocusing on Mary as mature Mother (rather than pliant Virgin) and are even speculating about her last years of life, since she is thought to have been in her 50s when she was assumed into heaven (G, H). The Black Madonna , whose worship has been growing tremendously, can be said to reflect Mary's Crone aspect, as can Mary's personification in Our Lady of Sorrows.

Mary is linked to ancient Triple Goddesses through much of the symbolism associated with her. The Protoevangelium of James, which describes Mary's girlhood, portrays Mary as spinning in the Temple. This links her with the triple Fates, the three Goddesses known as the Moerae or "Marys" who spun out the destinies of those on earth. Cyril of Jerusalem, in his Coptic Discourse, linked the three Marys at the foot of the Cross (Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Mary Salome) with these same triple Fates. A striking similarity occurs in Nordic mythology where the three Fates stand at the foot of Odin's tree of sacrifice. Welsh mythology links Mary with their triple White Goddess, Brigit. Even today, Mary is called The White Mary (B*). 

The third site is here:

In modern Paganism, one reason for the possible popularity of the Triple Goddess is that She represents all aspects of the female life cycle.  The freedom and independence of youth, the joys and sorrows of motherhood, and the wisdom and independence of old age, which return when we are free of the obligations of family.  Modern society has tended to venerate the young and the beautiful and to neglect and devalue other aspects of womanhood.   
The Triple Goddess is often depicted as both sexual and a mother.  These two aspects have been divorced in the nearest Western equivalent to the Goddess, that of the Virgin Mary of the Catholic Church.  This leads to a denigration of the life of the body, which can be damaging for both women and men.  The original meaning of the word “virgin”, however, is not necessarily in a non-sexual sense, but in the sense of not owned.  It is this original meaning that is meant when referring to the Virgin Goddess.  
I really like this page, and the part about Mary is really short and simple.  You can find it here or read it here:
The Triple Goddess: Refers to the “maiden,” “mother”
and “wise woman” goddess patterns within us achieved by midlife.
Mary, Jesus’ mother, embodies the Triple Goddess...the immaculately conceived Virgin, Mother of Jesus, and the grieving Mother of Jesus crucified, or the Crone. 
“Maiden” = Persephone
“Mother” = Demeter              These three converge into Hecate at midlife.
“Wise Woman” = Hera                                               
 Archetype:  Offered by C. G. Jung, an inner image activated in the psyche that determines patterns of individual instinctual behavior and emotional responses unconsciously.

I hope that clears things up.


lady of the garden said...

Great blog i'm a devotee of Mary i'm glad you stood up for her i have felt the same way i have gotten into some heated discussion about this with other pagans as i believe she is a form of the triple goddess and i have gotten great results from bringing her into my life.

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