Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Thunderstorm

I think there are places in a person's life when certain things become very important, such as family, children, career, religion, health, etc.  Sometimes we can go through many hardships before we feel the overwhelming need for something more in our lives.  This happened to me.  I believe the catalyst in my spiritual journey was becoming so ill.  I feel I need something more.  Family has also become the most important thing in my life.  My DH and our two four legged children mean more to me than anything.  I crave religious knowledge and experience.  I crave the feeling of connecting with a deity, in the same way I connect with the Virgin Mary still.  After so many medical devices and procedures I deal with, connecting to the Earth and her cycles has also become a need.  I plan on doing the Maiden ritual when the moon is waning (moving toward full).  I am very excited and am trying to concentrate on that rather than the ridiculous level of stress around me and within me.  I need to start meditating again, too.

Right now it is storming outside.  It's a spring thunderstorm.  The rain will be good for my garden.  I decided to do a search to see what god or goddess was associated with storms.  Thor is a Norse Germanic God of thunder.  The day "Thursday" was named after him; originally it was "Thor's Day."

Thor has appeared as a Marvel comic book character, in Joanne Harris' Runemarks, and in Neil Gaimen's Sandman series, as well as Gaimen's American Gods.  A fact I didn't know is that the swastika was at one time a symbol for Thor and was worn by warriors.  Women wore the sign of the hammer.  I know that the swastika was also a good luck symbol until the Nazis stole the symbol for their evil deeds.  He has bright red hair and carries a hammer.  He protects both people and the gods from evil and is one of the most powerful of the Norse Gods.


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