About My Spiritual Journey

I was raised Catholic.  In 1981 I was baptized into the Roman Catholic Church and in 1995 I had my first Confession and received the Eucharist for the first time.  In 2000 I was Confirmed in the Catholic Church.  For about three years I was active at the local university's Catholic Student's Newman Center.  During that time I went on numerous retreats that touched me on a very deep spiritual level.  In January 2006 a priest no longer welcomed me into the Catholic Church because I am pro-gay rights.  After that I rarely attended Mass.  The last time I attended Mass was January 2010.

I have been on my own spiritual journey since before I stopped attending Mass.  I have explored Islam, which I recently realized I didn't explore as deeply as I thought I did.  I am very interested in Paganism.  The idea of a Mother Goddess greatly appeals to me as a feminist, but as a former Catholic I have a hard time feeling it.

I want to find it, I want to find the truth, I want to know which god is the true One or if there are many Gods and Goddesses.  I have a hard time wrapping my mind around polytheism, but that doesn't mean that it isn't where I'll end up.  My spiritual journey doesn't have an end.  It has no beginning, unless you count from the moment I became aware that there is someone, something bigger than me out there and I was made to praise Him/Her/Them.  I hope that my journey never ends, that I keep growing closer to the deity, closer to what He/She/They want me to be, all the way through Heaven, reincarnation, or whatever the afterlife brings.

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